Reineman/Diaz Service
Above Self Scholarships

A partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay

n 1998, the Rotary Club of Tampa established the Service Above Self Scholarship to assist deserving students from the Boys and Girls Clubs who demonstrate both academic success and outstanding community involvement. Top applicants each year earn a four year scholarship totaling $8000, and runners up earn a one time scholarship.

Past scholarship winners have gone on to two and four year colleges, with many graduating and pursuing additional degrees or beginning careers in their fields of study. We are proud to be a small part of their success.

The scholarships have been re-named in honor of two outstanding club members, Leo Diaz and Joe Reineman, who we lost in 2020. These two Rotarians exemplify our motto Service Above Self, and were dedicated to the Boys and Girls Clubs, this program, and the dozens of students our scholarships have benefited over the years.

This Year's Awardees

In spring of 2020, we awarded two top honors, to twins Thomas and Zack Whiteman. Their dedication to leadership at the Boys and Girls Clubs, engagement in the community, academic success, and perseverance in the face of adversity makes us proud to support their bright futures.


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