1914 Club Membership

The principles of philanthropic giving are a vital part of being a Rotarian. With this in mind, in 2015 we established the 1914 Club. Through the 1914 Club, members and organizations engage in giving from the heart, in a substantial way, above and beyond considerations of ordinary and/or expected contributions to the Rotary Club of Tampa Foundation, our local charitable giving arm.

The club was so named in acknowledgment of Rotary Club of Tampa's founding year. The goal is to grow the balance of the the Foundation, ensuring that our club will be be able to significantly support our community into perpetuity.

The levels of giving over a five year pledge term are: 

  NAME           AMOUNT      

Bronze                   $1,000           

Silver                      $2,500           

Gold                        $5,000            

Platinum                   $10,000          

Qualifying donors of  the 1914 Club are recognized at a weekly Club meeting at the time of their initial commitment and when the pledge is fulfilled. Donors are also acknowledged in the Rotary Club of Tampa Foundation annual report and in the club's annual membership roster. 

To make your commitment, download this form. If you would like more information, contact Jon Ford or Dora Zuniga, RCTF 1914 Club Chairs. Thank you!

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